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The Sterling Group of Ohio, Ltd. creates videos for industry, healthcare, large and small businesses, and individuals.


From 10 seconds to 30 seconds — we can craft your TV commercials to best represent your product or company. Your time on TV will be time remembered by the target audience. The Sterling Group of Ohio can  assist you in scheduling your commercials in order to maximize advertising dollars.

We also produce commercials and/or adapt TV commercials for the Internet. Videos can be prepared in several formats to serve Internet needs.

Video frames can be 'grabbed' and formatted for print use.

Documentary-style video

Videos created to run from two minutes until 3 hours. Documentary-style videos are used in industry, health care and business for meeting regulatory standards for compliance, safety issues, orientation and training. In addition, documentary-styled videos are used for recruitment, product information/demonstration, video newsletters and image-building.  We also create broadcast documentary-style programming for national, local or PBS networks.

Videos are available in various video formats DVD and CD.


Broadcast quality and timed Infomercials can created to sell your services or products.


Animation — the way to make your company's name or mark standout, to be remembered. Animation can be used in a varied of creative ways in a  video — from backgrounds to products to logos. Movement and color capture the viewer's attention!

Scripts and Directing

Experienced script writers and on-site directors take the worry off you or your staff.  Scripts are fully develop prior to videography. The on-site director works with individuals and gives clear, relaxed directions during the videogrpahy sessions. Advance rehearsal is also available. It all begins with the script, and the director leads you through the wonderland of video.

Camera JibCameras, Techniques and Editing

State-of-the-art digital cameras and three non-linear digital editing suites coupled with experienced producers, writers, directors, videographers and editors ensure quality video production. Multi-camera videography teams can be used to produce more dynamitic footage.  Digital cameras and Mac editing computer systems create dream productions and animation.

The Stanton Jimmy Jib is a mechanical crane and dolly used in movies, and creates unique camera motion and professional stylized videos. A teleprompter allows for very professional reads in front of the camera.

Film is also available to those who want to use this medium.

On-camera and Voice-over Talent

A wide range of talent is on tap for use in your video. Casting for your production can range from professional actors to talents that are  experienced as character actors.

Voice-over talents are very experienced with producing clear and timely readings.  Voices can come from a market area far from your video has its own distinctive voice sound. A wide variety of music is available which will enhance a video. Original music composing can be obtained.

Members of your own staff can appear in video, and the director will work with them to put them at ease and give them a more professional stature.

DVD and CD

Go one step beyond — VHS , DVD, and CDs are available with labeling to allow mass distribution of your video.  Pricing based on quantity and type of medium.

Video to Internet

We also produce Internet commercials or adapt TV commercials to play on the Internet. Videos can be prepared in a variety of formats to meet Internet needs. The Sterling Group works with the webmaster to ensure  the specific formats, including streaming and Quick Time, needed for your site. Yes, this is an exciting idea for marketing, and now it is available to your company.


Radio is still a strong and valid advertising medium. Distinctive commercials ranging in time from 10 seconds to 30 seconds can reach target markets. The vast pool of voice talents can give the sound and touch needed to make a memorable commercial. A wide variety of music is available to enhance the radio message.

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