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Media and Community Relations

The Sterling Group of Ohio, Ltd. provides plans and coaching for strong effective media relations as well as community relations.

NewspaperMedia Relations

Strong media plans and strong personal preparation can keep your company in the news. Positive media coverage is better than paid for advertising!

We will prepare your staff to engage in positive media relations.  Target critical issues and then send out on target press releases. Develop well-organized, informative press conferences that will increase your press coverage. Be proactive with all news departments, from newspapers to radio stations to television stations.

Work with a media veteran and learn to look at your 'news' through the eyes of those in the news room. Become a respected media source -- and save advertising dollars.

Crisis Communications

Be prepared before a media crisis occurs. Advance planning has saved many companies much embarrassment and money. Policy and procedures will give you and your staff confidence and ease of mind should you ever need to publicly address a crisis situation.

Community Relations

Community activities are necessary, but can be very time consuming, therefore, very costly.  Targeting specific areas of your community can make you highly visible and save time plus money. A Community Relations Plan is a plus for any individual or company. This can create beter good-will throughout your community.

Special Projects

The Sterling Group accepts special projects, such as: speech writing, newspaper column writing, magazine article writing, press releases and press packets, developing press conferences as well as individual coaching and video resumes.

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