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Personal Coaching and Image

The Sterling Group of Ohio, Ltd. provides for individual or company executives to develop distinctive communication and image styling.

Public Image

It is more than how you look — it is how you communicate that sets your personal image and style. A personal communication style is essential for enhancing careers. Your style will also enhance your company's presence in the business world and geographic community. CEOs, Vice Presidents and other management team members who develop a communication-positive image become strong leaders. They are in demand to be spokespersons, guest speakers, media speakers, lead meetings and  public affairs, and events. Your communication style tells your story.

Media Image

Media coaching will increase your confidence and that will give your message more impact when answering questions from reporters. Now is the time to use the press for your 'spin' on a situation plus become a positive resource person for the media.  Learn to feel comfortable fielding questions — a skill that can be used far beyond press situations.

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